Calling All Less Thans

There are some fortunate people who have already learned that all people are of equal value, including themselves. They may have had healthy, mature people to teach them, or they may have gone through great struggle to come to that understanding.

There are also those who believe they are better than some or all others. I don’t know much about them. They seem to be better off without me.

There are, what seems to be a vast number of people who believe, as I had, that they are less than at least many others. Sure there were many times in my life when I thought I must somehow be equal with everyone else, but there was something deeper that rejected the idea.

The image of what I thought I needed to be, to be acceptable, was unattainable. I hated who I was.

It took a change of perspective to find love and acceptance for myself.

If you have struggled with feeling less than, please talk with me. I would be honored to share with you how you can live with as much value as the most amazing person you know.

You are welcome to email me at –

I know you are worth it!


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